After OLED, Foxconn and SHARP how to draw a blueprint for the chip

Release Date:2016-11-12 22:06:55

Last month, Foxconn partnered with ARM to create the chip design center in Shenzhen and Shenzhen, and signed the joint efforts of the government in the field of semiconductor technology and business incubator aspect declarations, which has become the Foxconn logo to expand the field of semiconductor industry. Last week, Terry Gou revealed to the media his specific ideas in the field of the chip.

Terry Gou said that at present, Foxconn is working with SHARP to jointly develop the chip manufacturing, we are integrating the experience of the two companies in the semiconductor field. If successful integration, we can use the professional knowledge of SHARP's expertise combined with semiconductor manufacturing in Taiwan and mainland Chinese young engineers talent, can create a huge growth space." Obviously, Terry Gou not only fancy SHARP's LCD technology, as well as the accumulation of SHARP technology in the semiconductor.

Terry Gou admitted that he had wanted to play the role of SHARP in the field of television, do Internet TV chip, but he is now on the chip field development ideas more deeply, decided to build cloud computing and other emerging technologies in the field of chip.

Because the iPhone and other electronic products in the global sales slump, Foxconn three quarter revenue fell to lows, down 3.22% from the previous year to NT $2 trillion and 950 billion (US $393 million 750 thousand), Terry Gou set 10% years earlier, revenue growth target is difficult to achieve. And in the second quarter, Foxconn's profit margin was only 2%, while Apple's profit margin reached 18.4%, although Apple accounted for more than 50% of Foxconn's sales. Terry Gou is desperately seeking new business and new technology that will bring new growth points to Foxconn.


Acquisition of SHARP is one of the important part of the. Terry Gou hopes SHARP and Foxconn to jointly develop the OLED panel and chip technology, as compared to Foxconn's core components business, the profit margins of the chip and OLED panel is higher. SHARP's latest financial results show that Foxconn has significantly reduced the net loss after injection, and is expected in the second half of the fiscal year cooperation between the two sides will increase the operating profit of SHARP 9 billion 900 million yen. For Foxconn, the same need this synergy to grow performance.

Because the display application technology background and broad OLED of SHARP, Foxconn and SHARP jointly developed OLED panel is regarded as the "tide" move, and even some analysts believe that SHARP has got Apple's large OLED panel orders. However, the prospects for the new development of the two sides of the chip, the industry's attitude is not so optimistic.

The semiconductor industry over the past two weeks has been two major acquisitions, Foxconn can flourish in the field of chip to be seen.

Qualcomm announced in late October, will be $38 billion 500 million acquisition of cash NXP (NXP) all shares issued, which will become the largest in the history of the acquisition of semiconductor. Last week, the US communications semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom (Broadcom) announced a $5 billion 500 million cash acquisition of network equipment manufacturers (Brocade), brocade to expand the fiber channel and data storage business.

At present, the global semiconductor companies are trying to capture market share, the semiconductor industry in the process of accelerating the integration process. Terry Gou said the cloud computing chip refers to the use of the field of semiconductor in the field of things, the prospect is indeed a dream".

According to IDC's research, the market size of the Internet of things is expected to grow at a rate of 13% per year by 2020, reaching $3 trillion and 40 billion. Ultra trillion market space, as the central chip business will also usher in the development of vigorous development.

Because of this, the Internet of things has become a global semiconductor company in a hotly contested spot, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and rockchip Rockchip are investing heavily in Internet of things. A new round of enclosure movement is just beginning, but in this new field, new incoming Foxconn and SHARP, it is hard to say how many odds.

Even if there are large uncertainties, Terry Gou Foxconn has been pushing forward array transformation. In addition to enter the chip area, Foxconn also hopes to reduce labor costs to improve profitability. Terry Gou said: "at present we are deploying 60 thousand robots in the production line, we intend to make this figure an annual growth of 20% to 30%." Foxconn's robot is actually mechanical arm, the robot arm called "Foxbot", produced by Foxconn. Terry Gou said that the massive deployment of robots, some factories have no lights, the factory of the future will be more.

But on the other hand, Foxconn earlier layout traffic but in areas apart. In March last year, Foxconn and Tencent jointly set up a harmonious and harmonious automobile Futeng company. The company's main business is electric vehicles and automatic driving, the goal is to put into production in 2018 and to enter the electric vehicle market. But recently there is news that Foxconn headquarters senior staff officially confirmed that Foxconn will no longer invest in automobile related projects, the project before the end of the car will face, and the project had recruited occupation managers now are each seeking a way "".

At this point, Terry Gou actually will where Foxconn to become increasingly whirling the fate of SHARP in the future, but also increasingly mysterious.


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