Jia Yueting open to FF91 CES, but the LeTV is still "PPT car repairer"

Release Date:2017-01-05 10:05:58

[Introduction] in October 20, 2016, LETV held a Bigbang conference in the United states. Many of the details of this conference today may have been a lot of people have forgotten, but with a piece of potential, or has become a piece of the footage is still widely circulated.

October 20, 2016, as the music held a Bigbang conference in the United states. Many of the details of this conference today may have been a lot of people have forgotten, but with a piece of potential, or has become a piece of the footage is still widely circulated: Jia Yueting had planned to open a car to LETV, but LeSEE had an accident on the way to San Francisco, a LeSEEPRO transport flight delays in a word, that is not. Lao Jia had to change into a special green way to trot.

So far, the media in the discussion of this matter when childhood, with a bit of ridicule tone: really an accident? Is it true that the flight is late? But there is no evidence of this, so only ambiguous in the tone of some of the readers to associate. As for why to talk about this piece continuously, because after the conference is the same as the music and the car accident, suffered a series of accidents, including but not limited to the stock price decline, layoffs, the Faraday factory disputed the idea that drama.

At that time the music to the outside world a lot of tonic, including but not limited to, "the music will be in the January 2017 CES exhibition production car." Although at that time, Faraday's factory is still in the vortex of downtime, even according to the music as the official disclosure of information, but also to complete the civil, from the production platform, the surrounding supporting construction is still far away.

In any case, wthe accident, and there are some claims that Faraday just accepted as the future financial investment, is the independent operation of the brand, it would be a little taste to disassociate themselves.

The CES, Faraday car and music as the public relations in the words, the music as a vehicle to breToday is the first day of CES, as the music finally fulfilled the commitment, the first named FF91 production car opened to the CES booth. Of course, this is regarded as music car, very ambiguous. We only know that in October, the public opinion has been that, or be led to think that Faraday's future car is music as a car. But after ak through and the dream of Jia Yueting...... This is a very round it, interested in understanding PR readers, carefully try to figure out the different periods of the word operation strategy, may be more than read a few MBA courses would be awesome.e can think: music as the car came to the CES, and brought a lot of dazzling numbers and concepts, including, but not limited to: FF91 in 0-60 miles / hour acceleration time of only 2. 39 seconds, beyond the Ferrari 488GTB, including TESLA S P100D, including the top sports car and the same level of luxury cars, and then meet the L4 level of autopilot, 3200mm wheelbase, etc..

In short, it is the space of MPV, the enjoyment of luxury cars, super run speed, plus the most advanced science and technology, and the most advanced ecological concept as music. This is no longer a car, it is a new species, yes, the theme of their conference called "new species".

Although the price is not announced, but as long as pay 50 thousand deposit, you can have it in March 2018, of course, if you ask not how to do? It does not matter, 50 thousand deposit can be refunded.

Because of the small series IT and auto companies have interviews and accumulation, so the circle of friends naturally crossed the two circles. After the morning as the car appearance, small series to observe the circle of friends: a wave of science and technology from the media, especially in the field of science and technology from the media is very excited, the future has come, sunspots face pain?" A more mainstream view; including technology website of traditional media are relatively restrained, in the text is reported, not comment body, which means a "posterior"; as for the auto circle of friends,is silent. Of course, this is a small series of their own circle of friends, can only provide a little reference.

In fact, even if only visited a car factory, interviewed a car designer, will naturally ask you a question: you want to build a spaceship no problem in PPT, but that one also can not see the machine equipment, not to mention the surrounding supporting the factory, you stand on the production car where they come from?

May tech media will not seriously excessive production car "concept, because the mobile phone industry, the first to release a mobile phone, the day after the listing is also a common thing. But the mobile phone industry and the automotive industry is completely different: the mobile phone is FMCG manufacturers, did not dare torelease a product after a drag on for years to sell, generally released, soon listed, the play hunger marketing; and the mobile phone industry chain is relatively mature, chip, screen, oem...... The important parts of every mobile phone has a relatively mature supporting, enterprises should do is to ensure the supply chain management, good adaptation of software and hardware, of course, to really play well is not easy, but compared with cars, mobile phone manufacturing industry threshold is low. So you want to build a PPT phone, the basic can be achieved.

basis of transformation the car factory.

In addition, a car factory must be built in the vicinity of the corresponding facilities, orBut cars and mobile phones are not the same, the first car to be stable and safe, which is the foundation. There is something wrong with the car, is for a mobile phone, a fault, Samsung explosion doors should be the most sensational, of human life is not so big as a threat.

Small in Wuhan Citroen factory entities to visit, the deep feeling is: looking car factories are now highly automated, but first of all, a court after the completion of the machine, and artificial management...... And so on, we must run in a high degree, the whole plant needs a running in process, and then a car from the assembly to the test, but also a series of lengthy and complex process.

In short, a factory has the hardware level is high input, moreover also the software level, your management, process optimization, to what extent, this is a higher test; even if we say subversive Tesla, the factory is not starting from scratch, but also in the traditional  all parts are shipped, the cost of the car must be too high.

Finally, the car out, you have to spend a lot of money to invest channels, not the same as the phone to find a network platform to sell. All this takes time and resources, so the auto industry will have the concept of "production car", Xiao Bian asked people, a domestic automobile factory of the person think: "single platform models, can be mass production, minimum annual sales volume over fifty thousand sets." In other words, the car manufacturers dare to say that their mass production, it must be completely run in the factory, the car after a rigorous batch production, testing, it is said that he is a production car. So, in the laboratory to create a claim to have all kinds of ultra high data products, and real production car, in fact, are two different things.

Look at the music as the domestic factory has just started, this is not to say. Faraday factory in the United States toss until now, to complete the first phase of the project, but as the music has not explained what the first phase of the project. Photos taken from peers and reports, the so-called first phase of the project is civil, off the equipment, build production, test platform, optimize processes and processes, supporting construction is still far away. Now dare to release the production car, is to bully the technology circle is not mixed in the car, deliberately confuse the concept of.

And in turn, in the premise of no factory mass production, you take a trolley is telling the flowers, in really understand the point of automobile manufacturing law of the people's eyes, still under suspicion. The music it is almost this car how cattle, how more than other car companies, the level of real manufacturing, never took a convincing logic and facts, so how do you keep the concerns of the outside world, once more?

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