Kick qualcomm! Injury meizu! Samsung all Netcom baseband "Shannon 359" available

Samsung Exynos series processor in recent years more and more powerful, has often overshadowed the limelight Qualcomm series, S6, Galaxy Galaxy Note 5 platform can even abandon the platform completely…

Release Date:2016-11-12

Strongest concept! Millet MIX use evaluation: the significance of innovation in the future

Referred to the recent release of millet MIX comprehensive screen concept phone, I believe a lot of people come to mind the emergence of it is its block screen accounting for up to 91.3% of the screen…

Release Date:2016-11-12

8/plus iPhone profile exposure: no border, Home embedded screen, 5.8 inches

Beijing on November 12th news, according to foreign media reports, Barclays Bank supply chain analyst forecasts, the 2017 iPhone will use the borderless design, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus were 5 and 5.…

Release Date:2016-11-12

Trump came to power after the first thing: boycott apple

特朗普上台后说:我能想到的就是抵制苹果!据外媒报道,唐纳德•特朗普成为美国第45任总统,尽管只有少数人猜到这种情况,但现在许多科技领域的人都想知道,美国政府与大型科技公司的关系在未来四年内将如何变化。不幸的是,唐纳德·特朗普当选美国总统对苹果和微软来说都是坏消息。圣博娜迪诺(San Bernardino)枪击事件共和党数次批评技术公司在海外建厂。此外,特朗普经常谴责苹果和微软在一些有争…

Release Date:2016-11-12

The world's largest 3D printer "build a house" almost no money

Recently, a news from Italy, the world's largest 3D printer "delta" (12 meters high) come out, not only big, the key is to build houses, this printer is almost "zero cost", such as building materi…

Release Date:2016-11-12
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