Yesterday China's transport rocket "has one five-star" better than the United States launched a fast response time

China's new type of launch vehicles recently made a series of force. March five rocket 3 first flight after only one week, another member of China a new generation of rocket family in Long March e…

Release Date:2016-11-12

Canada MicroPilot company optimistic about the future of China's UAV: policy more tolerant than Europe and the United States

November 7, 2016, Loewen Howard, President of Canada MicroPilot company came to Beijing, the World Wide Web UAV channel for its exclusive interview. Mr. Loewen said he was very optimistic about the Ch…

Release Date:2016-11-12

After OLED, Foxconn and SHARP how to draw a blueprint for the chip

Last month, Foxconn partnered with ARM to create the chip design center in Shenzhen and Shenzhen, and signed the joint efforts of the government in the field of semiconductor technology and business i…

Release Date:2016-11-12
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