Yesterday China's transport rocket "has one five-star" better than the United States launched a fast response time

Release Date:2016-11-12 22:08:13

China's new type of launch vehicles recently made a series of force. March five rocket 3 first flight after only one week, another member of China a new generation of rocket family in Long March eleven to 10 day at 7:42 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch smoothly, the success of the five satellites including pulsar test satellite, orbit, launch new record brush in China solid rocket in the multi satellite.

Yesterday China's transport rocket "has one five-star" better than the United States launched a fast response time

The Zhuhai airshow in space science and technology booth, this year's "Red Net" products, from March 5 to March 7, and then to the quick launch Long March eleven

According to reports, this is the 239th flight of the long march series of launch vehicles. 10 day launch of the long march eleven rocket is the only one of China's new generation of launch vehicles in a solid fuel rocket, with fast response, rapid launch capabilities, and thus has been the outside world attention. Conventional liquid fuel launch vehicles need a long time before the launch of the filling process, from the test to launch the entire process needs 20-50 days. While the solid rocket carrying capacity than the liquid carrier rocket, but the biggest advantage is that after receiving the launch order, from the test to the launch can be completed within one day.

Long march eleven rocket for the domestic first type of solid rocket launch of a variety of forms, the requirements for the launch site of the low security conditions, but also to achieve multiple continuous high density. According to reports, this rocket launch only need 24 hours of preparation time, the United States is similar to the 1/3 rocket. In the 10 day mission, long march eleven the first rocket full arrow overall storage, satellite fast docking, quick launch, with complete launch all-weather hours launch site launch emergency demand can effectively respond to natural disasters, and other emergencies, won the "fast ring arrow" the title.

It is worth noting that the "one star", also includes previously caused widespread concern of the satellite pulse star test. The test satellite is mainly responsible for the accumulation of measured pulsar data in orbit, which lays a technical foundation for the validation of the pulsar detection and technical system. If the test goes well, the future of the pulsar navigation technology for near earth and deep space exploration and interstellar spacecraft provide high precision position, velocity, time and attitude of the spacecraft autonomous navigation information service, long time high precision autonomous navigation and precision control.

The mission of the long march eleven rocket has created a number of records. It greatly simplifies the operation process of the launch site, and further shorten the performance cycle of China launch vehicle launch mission. According to reports, the launch of China's launch of a small satellite launch mission to shorten the cycle to 180 days, the micro nano satellite launch mission to shorten the period to 90 days, the number of effective working days to shorten the launch site to a bit.

At the same time, as the target of commercial space rocket, the long march eleven is also the first time to explore the Chinese private satellite company's commercial launch mode. The launch also successfully Lishui 1, No. two commercial Xiaoxiang a small satellite into orbit. According to experts, with the technical threshold of satellite development continuously reduces, the State encourages private enterprises to participate in the economic space, more and more enterprises to participate in the business of micro satellite production, including communications, remote sensing application service is the main direction of. For example, Zhejiang electronic technology company Lishui piebald one composed of 80-120 commercial remote sensing satellite constellation satellites, launch such a large number of commercial space China, shows the future demand will be more and more high.

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