An interview with vice President of OPPO Wu Jiang: the more difficult, the more to increase the marketing

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An interview with vice President of OPPO Wu Jiang: the more difficult, the more to increase the marketing

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 After last year's flagship R9 series continues to popular, recently, in a televised way OPPO to grandly launched his years new R11, and jay Chou, jolin tsai, jj Lin, please, sandy lam, chun-kai wang, li yi feng, such as stars strength comparable to satellite television at the end of the year New Year's party, again to refresh the new highly mobile phone manufacturer of entertainment marketing campaign.

"One of them as" a lot of money this way, but from the advertising effect and contact directly under the effect of the audience, it was a relatively steady steps."Mobile phone China league secretary-general wang said.

Just two years time, through offline channels, entertainment marketing and product strategy, OPPO is now one of the top five in the world, domestic second place.

However, tall trees catch much wind.In the face of effective sales of star and to be caught, huawei, gionee, millet, etc. In the game, into it.When colleagues began to targeted OPPO deep young group, launched a study "OV" ethos and close to punching, OPPO how to respond to threats?After double growth for two consecutive years, face a slowdown trend, OPPO is how to think of market growth?The smartphone era, supply chain and technology research and development of increasingly fierce competition, OPPO and will be a how to prepare the attitude for the future?

Innovative marketing lists

In fact, since last year, firms have felt, first-line star named increasingly fierce competition for resources, popular entertainment, the prices have increased.

Spread in the past, there were such a saying: "the world variety thousands, OPPO, VIVO each half."As early as the end of last year, however, VIVO insiders have revealed to the time weekly press, millet robbed a new season of "science says" the name, "because of the lei jun and iQIYI better."

Therefore, "retired veteran cadres" lei jun with the words of the original "you ok" to "science says" in the fourth quarter, in millet 140 million yuan had named the program gave his variety show, by "redwood English" win a lot of fans.You know, last season, the VIVO named fee is 60 million yuan only.Before that, once propaganda "free advertising" millet, also signed a super wu, Cecilia liu, Liu Haoran three star endorsement.

Just last month, gionee phones just sign my show, and publish the S10 mobile phones, announced that in addition to continue to consolidate the center of the crowd, but also a foothold among young people.Gionee insiders told reporters that, even with my show endorsement contract signed for two years, but in fact, want let you go to the conference are difficult to sing a song."Behind is not to let you go I don't want to, but the brokers and concert limited company has very strict treaty. So much so that even the network recorded version, kelsi memory that also to be pinched off at that time."Visible vendors want to win and take control of the best star and variety resources, cost and the difficulty of.

At the same time, the domestic leader, huawei launched Nova series with the OPPO directly in the youth market, on the camera, the glory is signed their arrival as a spokesman.

However, due to the star sign, sponsorship program of action, the competition way tend to be the same, the outside world began the process of common occurance.So, how to innovate marketing become a difficult problem in front of mobile phone brand?

As to why "for the" thought of a new product launch on TV live broadcast, vice President of OPPO Wu Jiang to time weekly reporter said that the idea was years ago decided, both sides talks things over more than half a year, "to do one thing run-up is very long".

In Wu Jiang point of view, the party has two positive place, the first is to break the product release more traditional forms of one-way explanation.The second breakthrough is through the satellite TV platform for young users to communicate directly, broke the past in view of the industry and the media release form.

Cost of curiosity from the outside of the conference, Wu Jiang did not say, but its said that OPPO first consider to do this is not the cost, but to how to better let products direct communication with the target consumer groups.

"To tell you the truth, every product to let all people know, through the traditional way to pay several times or even ten times more on the price, we through innovative and creative play, in fact, the price is very low."

To the problem of corporate earnings and marketing investment OPPO has its own set of notes.Wu Jiang admits to the time weekly press, most of the enterprise, is at the time of market pressure to cut sales and marketing costs, but we think this time should be more efforts to marketing.

In 2008, OPPO just enter the mobile phone industry, shanzhai glut, homebred brand almost completely annihilated.OPPO is instead at the same time increasing the financial input in niche markets, quickly establishing brand awareness.

Instead of "the more difficult the increased investment in the market, the price is small, why? You don't want to take when you go to shot, the price will be small, opportunity will be great."This is the marketing logic of OPPO.

Survey data, points out that in the first quarter of this year, the global smartphone market share in the top five, homebred brand occupies three seats, including huawei, OPPO and VIVO, but the three together, market share, has exceeded the apple, but if you look at the profit figures, look and feel is very different.

Apple won a $10.18 billion smartphone industry profits, accounted for 83%;The world's highest shipments makers samsung, with a 23% market share, won 13% of the profits.That is to say, apple, samsung 96% profit, make the whole industry and domestic brands such as huawei, OPPO and VIVO is to survive, in the remaining profits for a head.

But for competition, Wu Jiang focused on domestic brands facing pressure to survive, he told time weekly reporter, from the second half of last year to this year, the industry faces the prices of raw materials, especially the screen is the most obvious;The second is the yuan's exchange rate, impact on the whole mobile phone industry chain is very big.

"Our boss never look at the financial statements, see once a year, the calculation to the end of the year. All day long staring at the profit is very headache, it is easy to make decisions out of shape. Of course must be stressed, upstream is pushing upwards, rising raw material costs, the exchange rate to fall, make the cost rising. Enterprises want to survive, must make the competitive products, even if the price and sell high, consumers still buy."

Support and research and development of supply chain

Wu Jiang to time weekly reporter said that like OPPO do the size of the now, to further enhance the competitive ability of the product, to earlier, deeper insight of user demand and satisfy demand, must need by the upstream supplier's support and help, and upstream scheme in common planning and define the future products.

OPPO, in fact, last year was the first time cooperation and upstream of the hardware manufacturers, in the OPPO R9s adoption and SONY on the joint development of new type sensor stack IMX398, obtained the favorable comment of customers.R9s sold more than 9 million units, to become the world's third most popular mobile phone, has been a huge success.The release of R11, carrying the OPPO with qualcomm custom optimized flagship image processor.

In Wu Jiang view, like qualcomm, SONY, samsung, supplier is willing to work with the depth of the OPPO is very important reason is that the OPPO can be based on user needs, in turn, each product improvement suggestion is put forward.To some extent, this is also to help them to promote the competitiveness of the product, is the OPPO to the value of the upstream suppliers.

In fact, had earlier domestic handset manufacturers because have no way to mass production is limited by the samsung screen, mobile phone manufacturer of upstream supply chain resources and control into the future competition is the key.

After the news that a backgammon (12.560, 0.06, 0.48%) is a big boss duan yongping paid, as well as the OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong successively has a stake in a chip processor company respectively, there has been a layout of chip area.

Dongguan China merchants, according to OPPO will invest 2 billion yuan to set up r&d headquarters in dongguan, the project will start production in 2019, annual turnover is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

According to the data published by the state intellectual property office, OPPO enterprise application for a patent for invention in 2016 to accept the amount reached 3778 pieces, in the domestic enterprise fifth place.

"OPPO company set up to now has been insist to do independent research and development, all our products are independent research and development, not a product was designed to entrust a third party to do.\"Wu Jiang to time weekly reporter said.

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