Glory 8: the rise of the original design of China's mobile phone industry

Release Date:2016-12-12 10:55:30

Experienced 9, 10, 11 "mobile phone conference", this year's new mobile phone basically have to meet with you. Some of the conference when the concert opened, some of the conference when the ChinaJoy open, the period also interspersed with Samsung S7 battery events, can not be described as lively.

But after all, the noise is to return to calm and rational, the old gateway to Sina led the day before the launch of an annual mobile phone selection, which is a summary of this year's new products. In this list by the professional judges and senior users vote, the glory of 8 successive won the "best design of the year", "the year's most popular young mobile phone" two weight awards. The elder brother of apple iPhone7/7 Plus in a number of awards in the "underdog", only a handful of supporters almost.

From a certain extent, the glory of the 8 breakthrough represents the rise of China's original design.

Apple gradually go down

In fact, this intelligent mobile phone ring watch or pretty much, such as once a year of Apple's new release, this time iPhone7/7 Plus brings innovation are still a lot of double perturbation, cancel the 3.5mm interface, AirPods, Apple fans still screaming.

Single from the product industrial design, the new bright black color has become the new darling, just listed that will be cattle speculation 1W+ price, but also become the main push of the apple line advertising color. But as more and more users get feedback, black light gradually faded aura, not wear-resisting, fingerprint collector problem is very serious, let those who love streaking users very worried. Slowly, it was found that the black process is sophisticated and more reliable.

In addition to the other color, can make the industry a bright sight design is not much, a lot of domestic already in the application of double camera models, and the lens part is still a "bump"; cancel the 3.5mm interface brings innovation is not obvious, all kinds of adapter also let users a headache. In general, iPhone7/7 Plus does some of the lack of innovation, this heat from the market, the amount of cattle stockpile can be seen one or two.

Glory 8 Zoupian Jian Feng

Some time ago, micro-blog has a fire, coming on the market mainstream big screen mobile phone back cover Logo, the similarity degree has reached more than 90%, I don't know. Because the impact of the metal back cover on the signal, the three section of the design is almost inevitable, which also led to the phone's industrial design personalized space to play less and less.

Become the mainstream of the current in the full metal body, the glory of 8 once again resorted to double-sided glass design, really impressive. Double glass is not a fresh thing, X100 the first Walkman Sony player will have a double-sided glass design, iPhone4 reached a peak in recent years has been the Xperia Z Sony series of single anti double-sided glass cell phone banner. The same as the double glass glory 8, what is the special skills to become the new "Yan Wang", "best creative design to become Sina mobile phone"?

The back covers the SLR Lens do

SLR Lens due to absorption and refraction and imaging of light demanding, each lens coating process need extremely precise, now such as Nikon, Canon crystal nano coated subwavelength structure coating. The more high-end lens, the lens technology to spend more on the mind and technology.

And glory 8 of the double-sided glass design, the natural will also be applied to multi clock coating process. The glass back cover often only 6-8 layers of coating, and the glory of the back cover 8 process reached a staggering 15! This includes, screen printing ink layer, multilayer optical coating, 3D photoresist layer, grating layer, texture vector OCA optical glue, AR antireflection layer, 2.5D third generation gorilla glass easy to clean and AF fingerprint coating layer 15 technical ingenuity!

The 15 layer ingenuity process, created 8 glory unparalleled visual effects, according to the light irradiation angle, light intensity, ambient light distribution, the cover will reflect different luster and texture, such as simply "Aurora shine", in which the metal back cover material in the mobile phone can not found.

If the lens is to absorb the art of light, then the glory of the 8 back cover is a reflection of the art of light, both in the visual or feel, have greatly improved the level of mobile phones.

Double sided 2.5D glass like nature itself

Glory 8 fuselage glass edge using 2.5D process, the same process also appears in the front of the glass, so the front and rear sides at the edge over very natural, together with the metal frame was rounded, very comfortable in the hand. In addition, in order to further make the border over the natural, but also designed two high light with the front and rear glass for chamfering, visual perception is also not a small upgrade.

The charm of blue color beautiful too

These years iPhone in mobile phone color has had a slip, the tyrant gold, rose gold, and now the light black, each new color of the market, have triggered a wave of panic buying. But this time, the glory of 8 ahead, the magic color listed in July when it launched the glory of 8 light black similar effect. Glass wear resistance and anti fingerprint is higher, the glory of 8 magic of the color is not the problem of fingerprint collector.

Not only is the magic of the walk in front of 7 iPhone, the charm of blue color glory 8 exclusive launch is a bit unreasonable, crystal clear and delicate, with the refraction effect of back cover technology in different light is also good to hear or see. Perhaps in the experience of the classic black and white ash, tyrant gold, rose Kingland baptism, perhaps 8 of the blue color charm of glory, will be under the guidance of a mobile phone color trend, we in this new model in the market next year to see the answer.

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